VintageTen is a gathering of people who choose to be a community together, and these are some of the things we value as a result of our faith in Jesus.

We celebrate that God makes each of us unique and loves that uniqueness. God so loves who you are he became human because of that deep love. Our desire is to imitate God in this and show that same kind of love and presence to all people.

We celebrate and believe we belong to something bigger than ourselves. Jesus did not wait for us to “pull ourselves together” or get it right. In the midst of our messy life Jesus has made us part of his family through his incredible work. Therefore we belong to each other and celebrate that community.

We celebrate the power a community full of unique people, fueled by faith, have to make this world a better place…to participate with Jesus as he blesses and sustains this world. Each of us participates in the re-creation Jesus will complete when he comes again.

We celebrate the whole person and strive to create an environment and community where the whole of who you are is being served and exists for the sake of serving others.